Daniella Lundstrøm

Video, 2008 / 6 Min / DE  (PAL)
Created by: Eagle of Justice
Direction: Richard Wilhelmer

What is art? Where does it come from? For most artists, the answers to these questions are shaped by things such as their talent, education and background. Not in the case of Daniella Lundstrøm. Her inspiration comes from above – but not in a biblical sense.
Whether it’s fact or fiction, her black “Anal Probe” brings to mind dark stories of extraterrestrial visitors who brought humans under their force. Particularly when the artist herself speaks hardly a word and has a tendency to tear apart or destroy the vast majority of her work after just having finished it. This is what has made it so difficult to get one’s hands on a real “Lundstrøm.”
The strong symbolic meaning of her abstract anal probes has spread throughout the art world, even to the far reaches of the South American graffiti scene. Featured is the story of “La Culebra” – a young gang member who’s commitment to the Lundstrøm point of view is filled with as much conviction as his lust for violence and retribution.
Where ever he leaves his life-size, megalomaniacal tributes to Lundstrøm, his art has sweeping effects.