Cinema Documentary/Essay: 80′
TV-Version: 60′
Produced, Written & Directed by Richard Wilhelmer
Produced and Written by Daniel Haingartner

Festival Distribution: sixpackfilm

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How real is our individual perceived reality and to what relevance does this question have within the make-up of our collective social structures?

A set of agreed upon arrangements underpin our modern economies and societies by the mechanism of standardization. What role do such standards play in our communal life? There simply exists no standard for truth.

During the Middle Ages western societies operated under the rule of prohibition and discipline, determined and decreed by the order of Christian Law.

The contemporary performance based society is determined by the ‘YES’.- a mandated positivity diktat. Previous criminals and felons made way for the depressed and failures. Prisons and dungeons have morphed into spaces of commerce and consumption, shopping malls and fitness studios…*

This film accompanies the ‘homeless philosopher’ and ‘professed lunatic’ Fritz Joachim Rudert (Alias Leonardell) on his mission to release the mind-controlled masses from their mania. And indeed it may appear that ‘crazy‘ Fritz and his confederates from the German anti-phsychiatry movement „BPE“ (Bundesverband gegen Psychiatrische Gewalt) achieved a political movement.

The inquires and work by renowned researchers: Allen Frances, Elisabeth Loftus, Joscha Bach and Gerhard Roth exemplify the economical interests, scientific ambitions and political coherences in and around the world of the human consciousness.
Anomalie is an essayistic film about the systemic and individual ‘abnormalities’ of the so-called Western World. The result is a cinematic journey that provides an inventory of many fragmented and discursive narratives towards one singular conclusion: “Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems” Epictetus

Diagonale 18′ – Austrian Film Festival (AUT)
35. Kasseler Dok Fest (DE)
This Human World Festival ’18 (AUT)
13th International Documentary Film Festival Vienna – (Winner: Austria Documentary Award)

Komplexe Ökonomien funktionieren nach dem Prinzip einheitlicher Normen und Maßeinheiten. Aber welche Rolle spielen soziale Normen für das gesellschaftliche Zusammenleben?

Renommierte Forscher, wie Allen Frances, Elisabeth Loftus, Adelheid Kastner oder Gerhard Roth, erläutern wirtschaftliche Interessen, wissenschaftliche Ambitionen und politische Zusammenhänge rund um die Welt der menschlichen Psyche.

Währenddessen versucht der Philosoph und selbst bekennende „Irre“ Fritz Joachim Rudert die „ferngesteuerten Massen“ aus ihrem Wahn zu befreien.

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Regie: Richard Wilhelmer
Produktion: Richard Wilhelmer, Daniel Haingartner
Buch: Richard Wilhelmer, Daniel Haingartner
Kamera: Serafin Spitzer
Schnitt: Alexander Murygin
Sprecherin: Anja Stadlober
Tongestaltung: Karim Weth
Tonschnitt und Mischung: Alexander Koller
Audio Postproduktion Leitung: Marco Zinz
Tonstudio: The Grand Post
Tonaufnahme Daniel Haingartner
Tonaufnahme Studio: Christian Obermaier
Farbkorrektur & Compositing: Matthias Halibrand
Dramaturgische Betreuung: Ryan Jeffery
Produktionsassistenz: Maria Rauch
Kamera Kassel: Patrick Jasim
Lektorat: Karoline Walter
Übersetzung: Anna Bojadzhiev
Untertitel: Laure Gaillard
Egozentrisches Kamerasystem: Ben Maus, Richard Wilhelmer

Fritz Joachim Rudert
Gerhard Roth
Elisabteh Loftus
Allen Frances
Arthur Bodin
Adelheid Kastner
Regina Hickl
Matthias Seibt
Joscha Bach